Price & Packages
We can help create several different packages to make your dreams come true. From transport of your beloved furry ones to your ceremony, taking them to their grooming appointment and dressing them etc. Whatever you have in mind we can cater for it. Please contact us so we can give you a quote based on your needs. 
An idea of what will happen on your wedding day...
  • Your dog, cat, bird, rabbit etc will be picked up on the morning of the wedding
  • We will then transport your pet to the ceremony/ photo session.
  • We will take care of all your pets needs before, during and after the Wedding Ceremony and the Photography session., provide water bowls, treats and pick up any 'surprises' they may leave behind. 
  • After the Photography session your pet will be transported back to their residence where they will get food, water, lots of cuddles and settled into the comfort of their own environment.
  • We can also act as a pet sitter through out the ceremony and/or the reception. 
 Rates start at $80 an hour for one pet, with a minimum of 2 hours.. We then charge .85c per km from the time we pick up your pet to when we drop them off. If pick up is further than 50kms from business location a travel surcharge of $60-$100 applies.. We can also travel Australia wide at a reduced travel fee.
Our hourly rate begins at the time we pick up your pet and ends when we drop them off at your desired location. 
Payment must be received 30 days before your wedding day. 
Please contact us for a personalised quote to suit your needs.