We abide by the current Road rules as per the below legislation-
The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Rule 7, states that a person must not carry or convey a dog (other than a dog being used to work livestock), on the open back of a moving vehicle on a public street unless the dog is restrained or enclosed in such a way as to prevent the dog falling from the vehicle.

Dogs should not ride unrestrained in either the front or back seats of any vehicle as the police may fine you if they deem that you do not have proper control of the vehicle due to the animal interfering with your control. Specially designed animal boxes and harnesses are available and should be used. A pet harness can be attached to the vehicle's seat belt allowing the dog to sit or lie on the seat. These harness and boxes can be purchased in a variety or sizes from the RSPCA or from pet supply stores.

It is stated in legislation that a driver must not drive with a person or animal in the driver's lap. This is Road Rule 297 (1A) Drive motor vehicle with person or animal in lap. 
We also provide harnesses that will secure your furry ones on the way to and from your wedding.